Wine : Vino

Festa Italiana Hawaii is delighted to feature a selection of incredible Italian wines and spirits made available through local distribution companies as well as Menabrea. Oenophiles will take their senses on a wine-filled journey through the various wine regions of Italy. Wine is wonderful, but we do also suggest you perhaps sip on at least one specialty Italian cocktail also available for your pleasure. Spritz, anyone?

Wine lovers, welcome home.


Vino in Strada

Those spending the evening enjoying Il Vigneto in Strada will enjoy a specially curated list of Italian wines including sparkling, white, rose and red.


Vino Selezione Privata

Wines available in our Passaporto Italiano VIP Experience will differ from those in Strada. Guests can expect an impressive selection of Italian wines from various regions in Italy.

We’ll update our wines as soon as they become available!