Q. When is the festa italiana Hawaii

A. October 7, 2017. Timing is still being determined, but we are planning for a late afternoon start.


Q. Where will the festa italiana Hawaii take place?

A. The Festa Italiana will take place in Kaka'ako on Cooke Street and at Wade Warehouse. This is the same location as Honolulu Night Market.


Q. Do I need to be Italian to attend? Is there a cost to attend?

A. No. The event is open to the public. You don't need to be Italian to attend, you just need to be interested experiencing some of the great things the Italian culture has to offer! Entrance to the general event is free, but there will be elevated experiences offered that will charge a premium for participation.


Q. how to do I become a vendor or partner (i.e performer, artist, musician)?

A. We are currently working on securing partnerships and welcome all those interested in enriching this exciting new community event. Because our mission is to share Italy with the Aloha State, it is very important to us that all vendors an partners offer experiences that have a clear relation to Italian culture. If you're interested in becoming a vendor or partner, please contact us and a member from our partnership team will contact you directly.


Q. how are you connected with the friends of italy Society of Hawaii?

A. Festa Italiana Hawaii is a community program established by the Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii (FOISOH), a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster friendship among the residents of Hawaii with an Italian background or with a special interest for Italian culture, traditions and history, as well as promoting a better understanding of Italian traditions. The Festa Italiana Hawaii is a programming sub-committee operating under direction of the FOISOH board. 


Q. How do i volunteer for the festa Italiana Hawaii or get involved in the friends of italy of hawaii?

A. We welcome all those who are interested in supporting our efforts to provide a successful and fun event for our community. For those interested in volunteering for the event, please complete our volunteer form. If you're interested in joining the Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii, you can learn more at www.friendsofitalyhawaii.org.